Presenting new plays and musicals is the theatre version of cultural diffusion; it's necessary to express our experience of the chaos in our lifetime. We are creating the RENT, COMPANY, WICKED, and NEXT TO NORMAL's of our generation; The best way to strengthen our shows, so they can with-stand the cruelty of time, is to nurture, present, and guide them and manage real feedback. The same way we grow from our experiences, our work grows from allowing others to experience it.

Artistic Director, Janelle Lawrence

Who and What is a Kindred Circle? The Summer Fresh Festival partners with a range of companies that believe in providing resources to continue the enhancement of LGBTQIA and POC artists. Each year companies donate their time, care, and resources to us to help make the Summer Fresh Festival happen. It takes a village, and these our the villagers!

The Artist Co-op is a coworking space for performing artists, uniting New York City’s actors directors, dancers, playwrights, and more, with programs and services to support the performing arts community.

Artist Co-Op
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An Off-Broadway Theater built in 1984 and was the original home of four of the  most successful shows in off Broadway History: Forbidden Broadway, Forever Plaid, Spamilton and Celebrity Autobiography. 

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 RING OF KEYS is a visible, supportive community, as well as a hiring resource for those looking to work with professional artists who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, femme, trans, non-binary, and the diversity of genders that queerness contains. We strive to kick (ball-change) the closet door open to create a vibrant, diverse musical theatre landscape for the future.

The 2nd Anual Summer Fresh Festival

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