Community Initiatives


An important aspect of BVOB is our connection to the idea of "Community". To us a community isn't just a group of people within a 5-mile radius, a community is a safe space for folx to come together and share a common connection. In a world full of marginalized groups becoming more marginalized, it feels important to us to create a space that humanizes and connects us. We offer 10 Community Initiatives that strive to connect our artists with our community. 

Taking a little time out of our very busy lives to reconnect with our chakras with 1 hour of yoga. Then feed your body and your other creative senses with brunch, live music jams, and coloring! All participants take home a gift bag and a journal. 

Wellness Through The Arts


Drop off your used, clean, yoga mats, comforters, sleeping bags, and books during one of our 4 drop-off days and join us on November 21st while we create care packages for New York City's homeless community to help through the holidays.


We will also be accepting any feminine hygiene products that are still in the box (the box can be opened but must be present) for our menstruating homeless community. 

Recycle, Re-Use, and Restore


Drop off perishable goods all month during our Office-Hours (see calendar for office hours) and join us on December 17th for a Community Fest. We host folx from the LGBTQ youth center as well as local homeless shelters to a potluck dinner prepared and donated by our community! Sign up to donate food for 12/17 HERE

Community Feast


Get on top of the best scheduling for you, make a realistic goal about your health and then schedule the work that will take into your life. Join us for our free workshop on scheduling and planning your life for the successes and a few backup plans with cushions.

New Year, Next Steps


Get together with your pals and enjoy drinks, music, food, and networking games!

Palentines Day



Pitching Yourself and Other Projects!


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