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 'Summer Fresh Festival' is Broad Views on Broadway's theatre festival that presents a variety of work in its early stages of development to a community. Each year Summer Fresh Festival has a theme of an ethical, social, or political platform! Summer Fresh Festival provides a safe environment for our audience to experience new works as well as a safe environment for artists to create, work, and thrive in. Each year we readily provide assistance with a platform to present their work, resources, and networks to strive outside of our festival.

Broad Views on Broadway not only promotes a professional environment, we also promote empathetic and human connections. All staff members of the Summer Fresh Festival approach all situations with respect and empathy.

2019 Theme

Unsung Heroes 

Social Change

Conflicts Within Minority Groups

The Roles of Artist

Are you working on a song cycle, play, musical, performance art, revue, or immersive theatre piece? Is it an early draft, and in need of some workshopping? Or maybe you’re an artist with multiple pieces of work in flux? It might be that you’re ready to get something on its feet or off the page for the first time, in front of an audience, to see what you’ve got.


BVOB will produce 9 Living Room Readings, which will take place in various locations, possibly even a living room in front of an audience and live broadcasts, 5 Artists Showcases, which give 5 different artists 3 days with 2 hours of time to present whatever they'd like for a live audience, and 2 "Staged" Readings. Breakdown of the requirements and what is provided for each is below​


Depending on where your work is at, we offer three different models of support:

Living Room Reads have 1-2 hrs of FREE rehearsals

Artist Showcases have 5 hrs of FREE rehearsals

Staged Readings have 10 hrs of FREE rehearsals


What the writers provide




Funding plans/goals for yourself, and your cast and director, a production team

Funding for any scenery / costumes / tech you might need* & **


*though we recommend that you make this be about the developing of the material more than about the staging of it

** scenery, costume, tech resources provided by our company stock for “Staged” Readings.


What we provide



We connect you with a pool of directors who are experienced in developing new plays and musicals



We provide you with a Line Producer who will support your show (and two other shows in the festival). They will provide support in fundraising, work with you to liaise with the venue, advise you in setting up your production team, and generally support you every step of the way. Your relationship with them can be a co-producing one if you’re a writer who is interested in producing, or you can ask them to teach you some of the basics as you go along.


Rehearsal Space

Living Room Reads get 1-2 hrs of free space

Artist Showcases get 5 hrs of free space

Staged Readings get 10 hrs of free space

Need extra rehearsal time? We can provide you with discounted rehearsal space at several different studios in different boroughs.



Everyone gets one two-hour performance slot in a great venue. Within your allocated time, you can shape your presentation in any way you choose, to make sure you get maximum benefit for your work.



We advertise extensively on industry websites, on our website and social media, and via our partnering companies social media. We also print and distribute flyers including each of the three aspects of the festival: one for the Living Room Reads, one for the Artist Showcases and one for the Staged Readings.



Living Room Reads are presented to an invited audience. We’ll work with you to reach out to industry contacts, and do our best to ensure that there is a great crowd to welcome your work into a safe space.


Artist Showcases and Staged Readings can also have invited audiences, or you might choose to open up a box office and sell tickets - it’s up to you. If you do the latter, you keep 60% of the ticket sales (and the rest helps us to pay for the performance venue).



Every performance is attended by a professional theatre critic, who will give you a review of your work through the lens of work-in-progress, and by a facilitator who practices the Liz Lerman critical response process. Living Room Reads always culminate in audience feedback, which is also available for Artist Showcases or Staged Readings if you feel that’s what you need: just let us know.


Festival Administration

We do all the main administration of the festival, venue and space hire, marketing, and so on. We also organize some great social gatherings for all participants, so you’ll get to meet and chat with a lot of new friends


Companies in our Kindred Circle (sponsorship)

Applications open February 1st


DEADLINE 11:50 pm on March 7th

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